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The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) stands as a global frontrunner in the field of education and development of qualifications. With a rich legacy of over a century in establishing qualifications and qualifications systems, and a record of over two decades of international collaboration, we have partnered with a diverse range of institutions. Our associations extend to schools, colleges, universities, employers, training entities, industry experts, professional associations, and governmental bodies.

Affordable bachelor's degree programs for students.

The SQA program provides an opportunity for you to finish your SQA Advanced diploma in your home country, and then directly apply for entry into the second or potentially even the third year of an undergraduate program at a university, subject to your chosen field of study.

Advantages of an SQA Program

The SQA Program comes with a myriad of benefits such as::

  • A financially viable pathway to achieving a degree.
  • The opportunity to acquire international exposure.
  • Worldwide recognition and acceptance.

Pathways to Numerous Prestigious International Universities.

After the successful completion of your SQA Advanced Qualification, a plethora of opportunities unfold. This can be a budget-friendly path for those aiming to earn a degree along with gaining international exposure. Accomplished graduates are well-positioned to continue their studies with top-tier universities worldwide.

Courses We Offer

Harnessing the Power of Creativity: Innovative Design Grounded in Science and Engineering.

Architectural Technology manifests as a pioneering design discipline firmly anchored in the realms of science and engineering. It fundamentally explores the structure and function of a building or edifice, its interaction with its surroundings, its assembly process, and its performance assessed through its shape, purpose, and material. Architectural Technology strives for optimization in construction, resilient sustainable design strategies, and solutions that demonstrate enduring performance over time.

Build a solid foundation of art and design skills, applicable to careers as practicing artists or designers.

The SQA Advanced Certificate in Arts and Design is a multifaceted course emphasizing creativity and innovative thinking, guiding learners towards a thriving career path.

The aim of this programme is to establish a robust foundation of art and design skills, relevant to professional roles as practicing artists or designers. This curriculum is crafted to engage learners in an exciting and challenging journey, enhancing their existing capabilities and fortifying their creative vision.

Establish a career in international business, management, and administration, with a significant emphasis on financial and management accounting.

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Business with Accounting (SCQF level 8), framed within an international context, cultivates skills and knowledge in key areas of global business, management, and administration. The program places substantial focus on financial and management accounting, integrating the use of information and communication technology.

Receive specialized and professional training in the design, implementation, support, assessment, and management of IT systems across a wide spectrum of industries.

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Software Development equips students with a variety of technical skills and knowledge in software development, specifically in programming and systems development. The program offers academic, technical, and professional training that imparts the requisite skills for designing, implementing, supporting, evaluating, or managing IT systems in an array of industries. It also encourages students to understand professional IT issues, including legal and ethical considerations. Students will not only gain competencies in established areas of software development such as database management and systems development, but also acquire skills in emerging technologies. A key feature of this course is the development of programming and design skills, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like mobile applications.

Provides a broad array of opportunities including roles as Electronic Design Engineers, Electronic Technicians, Telecommunication Technicians, Installation Technicians, and Instrumentation Engineers.

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering, designed to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, equips students with a diverse set of skills and knowledge necessary for Electronics Engineering. It is applicable across various sectors such as aerospace, power electronics, automotive, automation, data communication, oil & gas, logistics, IT, satellite communication, and many more.

Cultivates the understanding, analytical, and synthesis abilities necessary to tackle engineering challenges.

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Engineering Systems, with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy, bestows students with an extensive array of knowledge and skills applicable to multiple engineering disciplines. These include aerospace, power electronics, automotive, electrical energy generation, green energy, renewable energy, and numerous other fields.

Provides you with a grounding in engineering principles, statics and strength of materials, engineering drawing, engineering skills, plant systems, and applied industrial plant maintenance.

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialization in Industrial Automation and Robotics, imparts to students a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills essential for mechanical engineering. This is applicable to various fields including mechanical, manufacturing, marine, process, oil, gas, Automation, Industrial Robotics, and alternative energy industries.

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  • During Covid-19, there is a smooth conduction of classes through e-learning, online line assessments and lab work without any interruption -
    Mr. Shibu Sathyadasan
  • If I compare my child with XI grade student who are oriented towards architecture, I can see that SQA students have much more knowledge about Architectural studies as compared to her classmates who are studying in XI Grade.
    Ms. Samidha Kasrekar
  • SQA is not only an education, It’s a blessing for my daughter and other students. They focus on practical oriented sessions which makes the classes very interesting for our children.
    Ms. Princess Manishada
  • Utshav Kumar
    I heard about the Artificial Intelligence course from Planet One Digital Academy, as a colleague of mine did it from there. I took the admission and I must say that I got my promotion because of Planet One Digital Academy. The overall procedure from talking to the counsellors to ending the course, it helped me learn a lot and up skill myself the way I wanted.
    Dhiraj Gaikwad

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