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At Planet One - International Education, we believe that education is one of the biggest enablers of transformation. It is key for human development and serves as the core of every socioeconomic development programme across nations.

Through our solutions, we are aiming for greater efficiency in the education system, serving as a viable platform for rapid socio-economic growth. We are focused on unlocking the immense potential of the human mind. With this goal in mind, we are committed towards nurturing a world-class education system that can have a positive impact on societies across the globe. This commitment has helped us become the preferred partner of Governments for end-to-end education solutions.

We have deployed a holistic implementation approach towards our educational projects. This involves infrastructure development, technology-enabled teaching & learning solutions, new-age content delivery and competency-based training. Above all, we have project management competencies in place to ensure optimal output.

We believe in an educational system that can inspire young minds, helping them navigate through life’s challenges with distinction. Our courses are tailor-made to meet immediate employment shortages faced by nations. We also focus on rural employment and women empowerment. Our unique and advanced learning systems stimulate creativity, transforming young learners into responsible citizens who are willing to become pillars of the nation-building process.

Our focus on STEM Education has helped learners become technology innovators. We are instrumental in a wide range of learning solutions that can bridge the gap between industry and academic training.

Our educational solutions directly impact youth employment, nurturing them as entrepreneurs. We equip them with modern skills, transforming them into a skilled workforce that will attract the attention of foreign investments keen on hiring talent at the right price.

Through our association with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations like University of Oxford, University of Stirling, Institute of Technical Education (Singapore), Siemens and many others, we are able to cater to an entire spectrum of educational solutions – K-12, Higher Education, Skill Development, Vocational Learning, e-Learning, Special Education and even assistance aimed at children who dropped out of school!

We have undertaken Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in developing countries with the aim of offering a more viable alternative to traditional educational models. Our partnerships with Governments have helped transform their education systems. The end result is the creation of human capital capable of contributing to the nation’s long-term growth.

We continue to focus on providing transformational education that lays down the framework for transforming nations.

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