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Who is Scottish Qualification Authority?

SQA has 100 years experience in developing qualifications and qualification systems and over 20 years experience of working internationally in partnership with government colleges, universities, schools and industry. SQA’s functions are set out in the Education (Scotland) Act t1996 as amended by the Scottish Qualifications Act 2002.

Based in Glasgow, SQA is a not-for-profit government-sponsored organization, accountable to the Scottish Government, and sits at the heart of Scotland’s world- renowned education system.

SQA helps individuals realize their potential and achieve their ambitions by providing a wide range of high-quality, internationally recognized qualifications, and associated services. 

SQA awarding body functions as below:

  • devises and develops qualifications

  • validates qualifications

  • reviews qualifications to ensure they are up to date

  • arranges for, assists in and carries out the assessment of people taking SQA qualifications

  • issues certificates to candidates

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What is SQA Qualification?

SQA Qualifications are high quality, flexible and relevant to industry. This means they are designed to suit the changing needs of different countries and industry providers.

They provide a route to employment, develop the skills of learners and can provide advanced University entry placement.


SQA qualifications are recognized on the Scottish Credit Qualification Frameworks (SCQF) and offers many certificates including the two-year Advanced Diploma (SCQF Level 8) Qualifications for Architectural Technology, Business with Accounting, Computing: Software Development, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Why study an SQA Advanced Qualification?

Achieving an SQA Advanced Diploma is one of the best ways to progress onto further studies or develop a career. Here are 3 reasons why:

i. Valued by universities

An SQA Advanced Diploma is equivalent to the first two years of a degree, and is a recognized route into year 2 or 3 of a related degree program at International Universities.

ii. Internationally recognized qualifications, designed by experts

Sitting at the heart of Scotland’s world-renowned education system, SQA works in partnership with government colleges, universities, schools and industry to ensure qualifications are suitable, relevant, and up to date.

iii. Career-focused and trusted by employers

SQA qualifications enable our delivering centers to form industry and employer partnerships that provide opportunities to combine studying with on the job experience.

How does SQA Advanced Diplomas work?

i. Practical Learning

SQA Advanced Diplomas aim to develop the high-level transferable skills and academic knowledge required for degree study or work. They use practical approaches to learning, with study methods including project and assignment work, group work, presentations, and case studies.

ii. Assessment

Subjects are assessed in different ways. SQA Advanced Qualifications use a variety of assessment methods, such as an exam, essay, project, investigation and/or a practical assignment. Assessment is quality assured through internal verification (using an institution’s own staff) and external verification (using SQA subject experts from the education sector).

iii. Certification

On successful completion of your SQA Advanced Diploma, you will receive: 

An SQA certificate stating the title of the qualification achieved by listing all the units passed and the Graded Units. (Read more on the awarded SQA Diploma certificate)

iv. Progression

Once students have successfully achieved the SQA Advanced Diploma they have a number of options. The SQA Advanced Diploma is a short cycle Higher Education qualification that enables advanced entry into many partner / International Universities Degree programmes through SQA Diploma to Degree program, do a qualification with a professional body, or go straight into employment.

This option can be a very cost-effective route for those looking to gain international experience while achieving a degree.

The SQA advanced Diploma is being widely recognized around the world as being the equivalent to the first two years undergraduate study. Visit for more details

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