Electronics Engineering (Industry 4.0)

About the Course:

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering with focus on fulfilling the requirements of Industry 4.0 provides students with a wide range of knowledge and skills required for Electronics engineering relevant to aerospace, power electronics, automotive, automation, data communication, oil & gas, logistics, IT, satellite communication and many more.

The high quality curriculum with state of the art laboratories is integrated with project based learning and this attempt has resulted in high levels of problem solving skills in students. The passionate involvement of highly experienced faculty has aided students to explore newer domains of learning.

The objective of the program is to provide a broad understanding of Electronics Engineering technologies, with focus on Industry 4.0 enabling students to progress towards employment opportunities. In addition, the students will also be trained on Siemens SMSCP certification, which is a highly acclaimed certification from Siemens, Germany. The course not only enhances the technical knowledge it also develops organizational skills including project planning, maintenance strategies, methods of design and analysis, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Year 1
  • Communication: Practical Skills
  • Information Technology: Applications Software 1
  • Engineering Mathematics 1
  • DC and AC Principles
  • Analogue Electronic Principles
  • Combinational Logic
  • Electronic Testing Skills
  • Sequential Logic
  • MCU/MPU Assembly Language Programming
  • Electronic Construction Skills
  • Electrical Networks and Resonance
  • Telecommunications Fundamentals
  • Engineering Mathematics 2
  • Electronics: Graded Unit 1 (Examination)
Year 2
  • Business Awareness and Continuing Professional Development
  • Active Electronics Circuit
  • Power Supply Circuits
  • MSI Devices
  • MCU/MPU I/O Hardware Control
  • Applications of Signal Processing and Conditioning
  • Power Electronics
  • Programmable Logic Devices
  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  • Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Transmission Lines and Complex Waves
  • Fundamentals of Control Systems and Transducers
  • Energy Overview
  • Electronics: Graded Unit 2 (Practical Project)

Entry Requirements:

  • Students to hold a minimum of 55 % aggregate in CBSE Grade X/ Cambridge “O” level/equivalent (Preferred Subjects – Science and Mathematics/ Technical Subjects).
  • Successful completion of a relevant UAE equivalent National Certification of 6 or above.
  • Applicants who do not meet these criteria, but have relevant experience or alternative qualifications will be considered.


The SQA Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering can provide advanced entry to degree-level study.

Career Opportunities:

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Control and instrumentation Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Special Effects technician
  • Build a start-up
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