Personal Biography

Mr Arijit is the CEO and President of Dynaspede Integrated systems Ltd. Serving as a trailblazer in the galore of Mechatronics solutions and prototyping sophisticated missiles, electric vehicles, aviation systems, National Defence, Automotive solutions and beyond. He was previously heading Ashok Leylands International Operations in the vast expansive Global arena. He is renowned for his industrious endeavors in the automotive arena, the charismatic aura in terms of sakes/ leadership and unparalleled foresight in reading technology/ engineering. To make a mark in the Make in India story and he relinquished the corporate job to back a MSME with a vision to grow the organization to a conglomerate in 5 years, Raise an IPO by 2024, create a global foot print as an emerging Mechatronics company. Towards this core objective he has laid down a mission of raising Dynaspede into a 1000 Cr Conglomerate from the current level of 40 cr business. The mission is on its path of fulfillment as the following actions have taken place under his leadership:
  • Reorganizing Dynaspede to leverage the core strength of design and development and couple with capability of Automation
  • Brought about cultural change in the organization with a growth Mind Set
  • Renewed processes towards seamless performance by individuals and empowering every employee to participate in the growth
  • Acquired Space age which complements capability of Dynaspede in the space of automation
  • Created Dynaspede Middle East as the First International Footprint in June 2021
  • In the quarter closing September 2021, Dynaspede crossed a revenue of 109 Crore
  • Booked orders and executed plans to have a consolidated balance sheet of 350 Cr revenue by the end of March 2022.
  • Established Dynaspede Software division in Gurgaon in October 2021 to augment the business out of existing foray into newer technologies.
  • Complete the corporate headquarters in Hosur by March 2022.

Aside from work Arijit has achieved proficiency in Several Indian Languages and also familiar with business-friendly French. He is an avid reader and exhibits keen inquisitiveness in the field of new technology. He is a staunch supporter of Human rights, environmental protection and champions egalitarianism by actively advocating for better opportunities for all and conserving resources.

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