Post details

Assistant Professor / Lecturer – Computing
Full time / Adjunct
The interviews are expected to take place on August 2021.
Years of experience: 02-03 years of UAE Experience

Overall purpose

SQA Centre, RAK Campus seeks to recruit Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer in Department of Computing. The post holder will enhance our reputation as a center for research excellence and world-leading impact, as well as delivering innovative teaching that provides an outstanding student experience. In these newly created opportunities post holder will undertake teaching and research in computer science and software engineering related areas including, but not limited to, advanced software development, systems for big data analytics, statistical data analysis, data mining, data privacy and security, data visualization and exploration.

To plan, prepare and teach strong lessons for the classroom which enthuse and inspire students, and promote enjoyment of learning. To select and sequence appropriate materials, resources and approaches according to the course type and learners. To adhere to the standards and procedures detailed in the Staff Handbook. To carry out formative and summative assessments as appropriate.

Principal Duties

  • To assess, track, plan, deliver art instruction in didactic and provide relevant and timely feedback on achievement, progress and developmental needs to students, academic and other managers/colleagues, including student records.
  • To write half-termly reports on students with clear formative comments and targets as to how to improve work, by deadlines given, and provide regular estimated grades and feedback on tests as required. Maintain effective records of lessons, grades awarded and marks given in class. Ensure accurate attendance records are kept for every lesson.
  • To set, evaluate, and mark students’ course work, homework and other assignments promptly, and to record marks on College systems as requested, in accordance with the College Assessment and Marking Policy and procedures.
  • To complete associated and administrative tasks to deadlines, as directed
  • To induct students appropriately, to provide academic advice, counseling, educational guidance, and tutorial support to students, including individual learning plans as directed.
  • To attend academic, departmental and College meetings when required, and attend/deliver sessions as directed.
  • Proctor exams prepare SQA exemplars for the respective Units assigned.
  • Ensuring all the assessments and exemplars are approved by the Internal Verifier and Program Director.

Essential Criteria

  • Master’s degree / PhD in a related discipline with relevant teaching experience.
  • Good in British English / African English speaking, reading, writing. Multi language proficiency preferred.
  • Familiarity with college and university programs, majors, academic processes, etc.
  • Excellent active listening, verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Have a research record & an understanding of module leadership.

Desirable Criteria

It is desirable that candidates have a track record of publication, experience of different types of assessment and higher education quality assurance and membership of the HE Academy.


Please note that given the need for flexibility to meet the changing requirements of the centre, the duties and location of this post and the role of the post-holder may be changed after consultation. The balance of duties may vary over time and will be reviewed as part of the appraisal process.

The post holder should actively follow company policies and procedures aligned with the SQA Centre guidelines.

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