Personal Development Programs (PDP)

Personal Development Programs (PDP) as a metaphor is like Fibonacci sequence where one arranges all their attributes in the most optimal manner and it is more of a reflection from within and to the world they belong to. The objective of the proposed PDPs are to have a holistic approach toward personal development from the perspective of developing ones’ own self-awareness towards their objectives, aspirations and goals of life while recognizing the situations and the demands both at work and life. This recognition gives an impetus to the strategic thought process whilst translating those into tangible achievements at a tactical level. In short, PDPs are to enhance one’s skills, capabilities, citizenry and the deliverables which one is expected to accomplish. Understanding oneself is a prerequisite for understanding the impact we have on people and on situations. Individuals are responsible for developing their own portfolio of skills and people learn best when they decide what they need to do for themselves. Given the importance of PDP in one’s career development, we have put together series of PDP sessions for our staffers.

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