Orientation Day 2023

2023 SQA, RAK  Cohort! SQA, RAK Centre invites you to its orientation programme to begin your journey as part of the SQA, RAK family.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! And this orientation will be your strong first step. We will interact, have fun, and set the right tone for a wonderful and prosperous academic, professional, and personal journey. Students, their families, industry leaders and our faculty and management will come together to connect, share, and build relationships that will last a lifetime -  a big Congratulations to you all!  

This is your journey where you embark on your academic pursuits and your first step toward a splendid future, that awaits to embrace you with accomplishments and your orientation is your big day, and together we will walk-through the various aspects of this orientation day. It will also give you a sense of pride to have achieved what you aspired for.  

Let us make this day truly big and please feel free to ask those questions that you have been wanting to ask since the day you enrolled into the SQA program.

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