Mr. William McQueer (Billy) is an Assistant Professor of Computing. He holds a BSc in Electronic Systems from Paisley, Scotland, a Postgraduate Diploma in System Design (Data Communications) from Birmingham City University, and a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCE) in Post Compulsory Education from Oxford Brookes University, England, UK. At 16, he left school and worked in retail for 1 year. Billy then completed an Ordinary National Certificate (ONC) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Inverness College to gain the grades required to join Paisley University. Given his journey, he is a very enthusiastic advocate for Further and Higher Education.


Faculty in computing science and software engineering at Stirling University, RAK, UAE.

Quality Lead and Senior Lecturer of Creative Computing, Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK, UAE.

Contract Computing Lecturer at Bath College.

Computing Lecturer at Gloucestershire College.

Computing Lecturer and Curriculum Manager at Swindon College.

Lecturer in Applied Computing University of Gloucestershire.

24 years in the British Civil Service including 6 years working in the USA.


Building on an IT project management background installing secure systems, I have spent much of my working life delivering emerging tools and technologies in the government sector. Ever since my first BASIC program in the early 80s, I have been completely immersed in technology. An electronic systems graduate, I have been experimenting with Linux and the Internet for over 30 years. Billy 2.0 is an educator, keen to inspire a new generation of ethical engineers, coders, and creative content designers. His research interests include Emerging technologies (e.g., IoT and Digital Twin).

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