Placement Education Wing

Placement and Education (PEW) wing is a student led body in consultation and collaboration with experienced and trained academics from various Faculty who have the best of both worlds; Industry/Academia. As the term ‘’Placement’’ indicates, the premise of PEW is to ensure our students are well placed for summer or final placements in large corporates in their respective domains. Primarily, the objective of PEW is to be a catalyst with the responsibility of liaising with industries and inviting them to the campus for campus placement and the students go through a rigorous selection process for which they will be groomed by PEW to face the interview panel. Also, through our Campus to Corporate Skills and Work-readiness workshops, we provide industry based skills and competence for our students to make them employable.

In addition to this, we feel having an industry and academia interface will aid not just in building our network but as an avenue to meet industry experts to understand the best practices from various sectors and the expectations of the industry and assessing their hiring goals. Toward this, PEW organizes various sectoral HR Forums. These forums aid in enhancing student’s awareness regarding the available career options and matching their career objectives in the most optimal manner. Also, PEW believes in reaching out to other learning communities, enterprises, entities and people locally and in different parts of the world who may benefit from propagation of the knowledge and create success in life for themselves and this essentially is done as part of our Education Wing offering short online courses.

Therefore, PEW, has a 3 thronged approach, with the below mentioned objectives:

  • To act as an interface between the University and industry;
  • To enhance the student’s skills and strategies for job search;
  • To enhance the abilities and skills of the students regarding the soft skills required at a workplace;
  • To identify employers and to assess their hiring goals;
  • To monitor periodically whether the employer’s hiring goals are met by hiring the University’s students and to discuss feedback for constant improvement and identifying the gap areas.

Through PEW, we empower our students to take on various responsibilities and learn on-the-job working in multiple roles and be ready to face the real world of work: our students are our ambassadors and through PEW we aim to ‘be the difference’.

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