Campus to Corporate Skills and Work-readiness workshops

The objective of the Campus to Corporate Work Readiness Skills Workshops:

Twenty first century workplace emphasizes employees having essential technical (academic skills) as well as workplace behavioral competencies (soft skills). Employers are yearning to hire job aspirants who they think would have acquired workplace competencies along with their academic skills. There has been a paradigm shift in what used to be a linear career path in an organization depending on the number of years an employee would have put in. As career progression begins, social skills and competencies take the center stage and the technical skills are relegated behind or are seen as less significant and this applies to all disciplines. 

On this backdrop the PEW team has identified a Calendar of Events with certain essential transferable skills which commenced from February, 2021. Given that we advocate a Learning Process Ownership (LPO) and a Learner- Centric approach, the format and pedagogy of this initiative is that students take responsibility with Peers and Teachers  to cultivate Self-Management Goals (Zone of Proximal Development - Including Curriculum Ownership Lodge.

CV writing and Interview preparation

Our First Campus to Corporate Skills and Work-readiness workshop: CV writing and Interview preparation (25 Feb, 2021) was conducted by Ms. Shanthi Rajan, Director, Institution Development, University of Stirling and SQA Diplomas, RAK Campus and Ms. Lisa Andria Andrade, Student President of PEW and a 3rd year Stirling Business Management student.

Communication Skills

On 11th March, 2021, PEW team under the banner of Campus to Corporate Skills and Work-readiness workshops conducted a session on Communication Skills. This session was conducted by Ms. Zareena Kennedy, Faculty of Business, University of Stirling, RAK Campus. The session was attended by 54 students and the feedback was very positive. Some of the comments were: "The way it was delivered was amazing’, It's really important to know about communication skill. And PEW has chosen the best faculty to present it. So glad to participate. Ms. Zareena was really amazing. Looking forward for her webinars.”

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