Sectoral HR Forums

This would be a platform for our students and industry professionals to learn about the latest trends in the industry, to network and develop lasting relationships with likeminded individuals.  The digital revolution is having an unprecedented impact on the future of work, people and learning. The new trends in robotics, social digital media, AI, machine learning, and virtual reality, are changing the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the future workforce. Professionals have to find new ways to manage talent – attract, develop, reward and retain, and to inspire passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence. In order to succeed in this rapidly changing new world, we have to embrace the change, continuously learn and stay ahead of the game. This is what University of Stirling, UAE Campus’s HR Forums aim to achieve.

The objective of our HR forums:

  • A collective forum of various Industry HR practitioners for periodic discussions in matters relating to HR
  • A collective sharing of ideas between various industries HR practitioners to impart and learn from each other the best HR practices and the latest trends.
  • To aid in enhancing student’s awareness regarding the available career options and matching their career objectives in the most optimal manner
  • To be part of academia team teaching

Sector: Oil and Gas

20th of March, 2021

Oil and Gas sector is the biggest in the world in dollar terms and since 1950s this sector has powered the Industries in the developed nations. This sector employs hundreds of thousands of workers and significantly contributes to a nations GDP. The upstream, i.e. exploration, midstream i.e. storage and distribution logistics and downstream i.e. refining the raw oil products is a specialized industry in itself generating billions of dollars worldwide. Byproducts from these such as LPG, Lubricants, Chemicals and Plastics to name a few have contributed to most of the industries and plays a crucial and a major part in the global economy.

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