HR Forum: Oil and Gas Sector

Overview of the session:

Oil and Gas sector is the biggest in the world in dollar terms and since 1950s this sector has powered the Industries in the developed nations. This sector employs hundreds of thousands of workers and significantly contributes to a nations GDP. The upstream, i.e. exploration, midstream i.e. storage and distribution logistics and downstream i.e. refining the raw oil products is a specialized industry in itself generating billions of dollars worldwide. Byproducts from these such as LPG, Lubricants, Chemicals and Plastics to name a few have contributed to most of the industries and plays a crucial and a major part in the global economy.

Covid 19, has now dramatically transformed the way we think of work. The global pandemic has already become a challenge to the very society we live in. The digital revolution is having an unprecedented impact on the future of Oil and Gas around the world, and UAE and Nigeria who are pioneers in this sector is no exception. With the advent of new technologies and use of artificial intelligence in exploration, logistics and refining firms have achieved productivity and efficiencies much more than before and is still continuing. Stride into Industry 4.0 is bringing in more skills, technology, process and applications in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The forum will address the future role of Oil and Gas and the challenges faced in the new Digital Age. Participants will learn about Oil and Gas in the 4th Industrial revolution, and the role of technology will play in reshaping the future in addition to the seek insights in . They will learn that the most effective leaders in the Oil and Gas industry are those that can balance the need for labour and elasticity with the constant drive toward increased productivity and innovation.

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