Short Online workshops

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s thought process by far more than possibly any other event in our recent memories. In this current scenario, we are reaching out to you with time relevant short term online courses to benefit students and the working communities.  The qualitative nature of these programs are mostly employment or vocation focused, skills and personality enhancing. These programs will impart skills and the deducive abilities and prepare the audience for the real work and life challenges. These programs will have their own formats giving due weightages to time, relevance and urgency keeping in mind the current trends and changes or anticipated changes therein.

One of the qualitative characteristic of these short online programs are that it will be ‘collaborative and interactive learning’ with audience centric approach to the program delivery. As they go along, they will learn by doing. Our course implementation process follows a step by step approach in consultation with clients to ensure that the trainings offered has the updated content, objectives and methods and more so help participants achieve skills and competence which helps them transfer the learned content on to the job.

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