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Diploma in Computing

Mr. Arjun Prasanna Kumar

Diploma in Computing 

SQA creates an alternate path to pursue towards undergraduate programs, in my case joining Advanced Diploma in Computing Science: development has given me an opportunity to pursue computing course at an early age which would help me get an early head start with my education.

Choosing SQA has not only helped me get familiarized with my chosen field early, but also it has enabled me to get a lateral entry for undergraduate programs in Stirling university or any other recognized university.

The teachers at SQA helps us create a new perspective towards the course to look at it from more of a professional point of view and help prepare us for circumstances that occur in the real world. Most of the times it is done by the teachers by creating a proper balance with theory classes and practical classes where we get a proper idea on how things are worked and what are the things to be considered while working on it, rather than just giving an idea on what a certain point is about.

Mr. Syed Fakhar Abbas

Diploma in Computing 

SQA is a pathway to undergraduate it has many courses, I have chosen Advanced Diploma in Computing: Software Development.

I have chosen SQA Advanced Diploma because it provides advanced qualification as it is equivalent to the first two years of a degree, so after studying this course we can get into 2nd or 3rd year of a related degree.

The course taught in SQA had mixture of both theory and practical which helps students to properly understand what they are taught, they can better understand when they are given practical session after learning the theory. The teaching quality in SQA is outstanding, the teacher explains and teaches in such a way that the students can easily understand and learn what they are teaching.

After completing SQA we can take undergraduate course from University of Stirling, as it accepts students from SQA.

Mr. Zaheem Abdulla

Diploma in Computing 

Diploma in Business with Accounting

Mr. Kimberly

Diploma in Business with Accounting

The SQA program in general enables us an advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programs in universities around the world even for those who have not taken grade 11 and 12. I have selected this pathway for the reason that it will save my two years of schooling. Our teachers are doing an incredible job in teaching their selected units.  I like those well-made PowerPoint slides and the additional reading materials that greatly help me better understand the topics. The course had trained us the skills that we need to be successful in the field of business and accounting.

Mr.Aman Singh

Diploma in Business with Accounting

Mr. Umer Ahmed

Diploma in Business with Accounting

I am a student of Business with Accounting at SQA Rak campus. I am always interested in studying business and would like to start own business and that's why I chose this program and I'm so pleased to tell that I have awesome teachers here who inspire me and support me whenever I'm stuck in between. I have learned many useful business related knowledge so far. Thanks to SQA Rak centre

I have joined SQA Business with Accounting in order to achieve the basic knowledge of business so that I could use the knowledge for the better future and success. According to my personal experience, unlike any other educational institutions, SQA also focuses on practical knowledge of the students. The teachers are also willing to explain the topics as many times as it takes just to clear the doubts of the students which also focuses on every student in the course. The topic is explained thoroughly and the students are provided with quality study materials. I am not only aiming for knowledge, but also on my progression into Stirling University after the second year which is possible because of the quality of the education provided by SQA Rak centre.

Mr. Ashmit Dewan

Diploma in Business with Accounting

Mr. Zumair Ahmed

Diploma in Business with Accounting

Mr. Nikhilesh Kovvuri

Diploma in Computing 

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