Why SQA?

The SQA Advanced Diploma is a short cycle Higher Education qualification which enables advanced entry into many undergraduate degree programmes in universities and higher education institutions across the world.

To begin with let us understand the pathways and the eligibility criteria and then progress to the benefits of an SQA program.

SQA typically has two streams to specialize into a knowledge domain: Advanced Certificate- Level 7 and Advanced Diploma – Level 8

SQA Advanced Diploma are made up of 240 SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework) credit points and usually takes two academic year to complete. These programs are a blend of classroom learnings and application oriented practical skills. Besides these there are written assignments, group discussions, group works and demonstrations. Each unit of advanced diploma focuses on a particular area of expertise and progresses building on such expertise to the next Unit of study. These also becomes the materials on which the students are assessed during the progression of these programs.

Benefits of an SQA Program

  • Cost-effective route to a Degree.
  • Gain international experience.
  • International Recognition
  • Education at a highly regarded University.
  • SQA Diploma’s are vocationally focused. This program clearly provides advantage in terms of the practical trainings given to students throughout their program duration.
  • SQA advanced Diploma allow a direct entry into the second year or a third year undergraduate program. Outside Scotland, now HND is called SQA Advanced Diploma.
  • Cost effective undergraduate programs for students, as they could complete the SQA Advanced diploma in their countries and directly seek admission to a University in the 2nd or even 3rd year undergraduate program, depending on the stream of study.
  • Students learn at an established center that is SQA affiliated and gain international exposure and start gaining focus on their chosen career paths learning practical aspects of their chosen career path.
  • The curricula of SQA advanced diploma is designed to meet the needs of the employers and are designed in partnerships with Universities, colleges and Industries.
  • SQA Advanced Qualifications employs a variety of assessment methods namely written exam, case studies, projects, investigation and/ or a practical assignment. Quality assurance of assignments are determined through rigorous internal and external verifications by respective subject internal and external verifiers.
  • On completion of the Diploma, the students get a certificate from SQA stating the title of qualification as well as a listing of all units passed and the graded unit award.
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