Corporate Outreach Committee

The Corporate Outreach Committee (COC) has been set up at the Stirling/SQA – RAK Campus to ensure holistic learning to our learners.

The fundamental aim of COC is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We regularly invite industry professionals to impart practical insights to our students by organizing guest lectures. The students also get the opportunity to visit at least one company from their domain (Computing/Business/Engineering) during an academic year. Both will open avenues for students to gain practical insights. Industrial visits on the other hand, also gives them a chance to interact with corporates, get to know the management practices, working environments and so on.

Another objective of COC is to onboard the new students of Stirling/SQA-RAK Campus. Consequently, COC organizes a 3-day induction and orientation to our freshers in the month of September. The list of events is planned in such a manner that the students get a smooth transition to Stirling/SQA way of learning and teaching.

The Corporate Outreach Committee (COC) of Stirling/SQA – RAK Campus is managed by a team of faculty members representing Architecture, Business and Computing departments of Stirling/SQA.

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