Dr. Abdel Azim is a Ph.D. holder from the University of Khartoum School of Mathematical Sciences in Computer Sciences. He worked with many local and international universities for the last 30 years teaching computing and mathematical sciences with a special focus on Data analytics. Dr. Abdel Azim worked with the Government of Dubai and other authorities for over 20 years. He accomplished many government achievements in the areas of e-marketing, electronic transformation, and e-government. Dr. Abdel Azim also worked with the British Royal Society of Art Internal Verifier for 3 years and supported many Academic Institutes in different cities in the Sultanate of Oman

Some of the government projects he was part-of besides his research work and his achievements are:

  • Won with RTA seven excellence awards in DGEP including the best electronic department more than 3 times,
  • Won with RTA Sheikh Hamdan Awards for Smart Government within 5 categories.
  • Participated in the development of the RTA Smart Government Transformation Strategy and developed the first SmartPhone Services application for RTA 2010. This later became the base for the RTA transformation plan into Smart Government as per H. H. Sh. Mohammed Initiative.
  • Founded and implemented the visually impaired portal, a website to serve the RTA customer who had visual problems or even cannot see at all. The website inspired the Dubai Smart government to include the disability measures as part of the “Government Websites Excellence Model” (GWM), the Dubai Government websites guidelines
  • Founded the Social Media Program in RTA and established a system of using social media as customer interaction and electronic marketing tool to measure public and community response to RTA services and projects. The Social Media program of RTA had been selected by e4All Magazine many times as the best Government SM Program and won 5 regional awards over the Middle East level under his supervision.
  • Implemented electronic registration system and the Exhibitor online E-Services system giving the confirmed exhibitors the chance to log to a secured area and complete most of their required services.
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